Fashion Designer / StreetBaller 

Rant Jam is Jimmy Puncher’s vision of clothes that combine long walks and sports. It’s a big universe out there, endless possibilities and we still meet someone that wears the same clothes that we do. We have the right to be unique.We try to bring colors and alien perspectives to everyday lives.

In order to do that, we go through hell and fire to ensure that you will get the best possible product and feel proud when you wear it! We design and use local production lines based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Supporting your local dudes feels rewarding and that is reflected to our designs.


F: Rant Jam
Insta: @rantjam

Vibe & Design

Catch the vibe.

Jimmy sees everything as a concept or an idea. There are no limits or restrictions there. Colors that blend with grunges, that mix with cuts and pixels, that create a unique finish. Endless hours working on details that human eye can’t see. Endless hours trying to catch the vibe.

Yeah, vibe. Imagine your favorite daily activity, let’s say gym. You lift some weights in front of the mirror. You are trying to see every little detail on your body that you want to change. With a minor change, you feel proud as hell. Now picture yourself, doing the same thing, wearing one of our sick shorts or jerseys.

Cool , you?

Break the Screens.

The eternal fight of cool and lame, the glory of a streetball pick-up game that none ever watched, but you torched the court. The failed attempts to ride the sap board when was wavy. The people you meet in a new hobby. The everyday struggles that make you feel invincible at the end of your shift. That’s the vibes. That’s our inspiration. Take something boring, make it insanity. That’s Rant Jam.