3on3 Streetball Jerseys

We love 3on3 and streetball.
We understand your needs.
We can design and create your new 3on3 jerseys and shorts that
will most definitely stand out from the masses.

We can offer 2 solutions to your headscratchin’ problems.

streetball jerseys for 3on3

1) Choose an existing jersey or set from the personalized category, message us on
jimmy@rantjam.com the name. We can make an adaptation to your team’s style.
*Note: Some colors on specific designs cannot change (ex Trash Talker, Heat wave)

2. We can try to design your 3on3 basketball jerseys from scratch, although it’s a difficult procedure and takes load of time and communication, we promise we will give it all.
This service is not free of charge and it literally depends on our workload. Get in touch with us, presenting your ideas and your vision on jimmy@rantjam.com

A few things to know before taking the decision:

  1. Some logos and team names might use copyrighted material (ex NBA logos, trademarks
    If your request has a lightly altered NBA or copyrighted logo, we simply can’t do it.
    If you have a logo truly adapted to your favorite team (fan made from scratch), it will be
    under review by Jimmy. However, it is difficult to know every team in the world.
  2. In order to ”hit” some colors and be precise with your needs, requires test prints on real
    fabric. It takes time and huge effort by everyone. There is always a possibility that we will
    not be able to match the sample color. If you think about it, even teams with long history
    change colors from time to time. Maybe just a little bit, but they do.
  3. Every product that leaves our place, has the Rant Jam logo. That means that we feel
    proud of our things. We don’t do counterfeits or copy things. We do our thing. Rant Jam
    logo cannot be removed from the jersey – set you are getting for your 3on3 games.
  4. We love streetball. We feel that every streetballer in the universe must wear his thing
    when ballin’. We encourage crazy, over the top designs.
  5. We check every product that leaves our place for defects or whatever issues. We keep it
    local and settle with small production, because we believe that quality control is the most
    important thing.
  6. This fully customized service, as you noticed doesn’t show up in the website as a product
    to click on. We believe that the best way to avoid confusion, is to communicate by email
    straight with you.
  7. At this stage, we don’t offer warm up clothing or sweatpants. Our primary focus is on
    performance jerseys and shorts. However, stay tuned for future drops.