Brick Wall Graffiti Mesh Shorts


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A mix of opposites, blend with dry blood red color. The Brick Wall Graffiti shorts symbolize the constant movement in the basketball court. Executing the perfect post move, but no one will ever applause. It’s just another good possesion.

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Product Description

  • 100% Polyester
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Fast Dry
  • Sublimated Shorts, colors will never fade
  • Does not smell bad after heavy use
  • Check size guide before order

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We use 100% polyester Mesh lightweightfabric for our shorts. It feels fresh and nice to the skin, it doesn’t smell and it dries really fast.


We got a unique fit, over the knee.Our mission is to look unique and stand out in the crowd.Feels a little baggy at first, but no worries, It will be your favorite shorts before you know it.
basketball shorts for everyday use


All of our shorts are sublimated. Colors never fade or change. Our lacing system has raw tips, but it gives a vintage touch to the shorts.
We thought it’s a cool idea to keep the DIY look. You can combine a pickup game with a walk on the beach and be the coolest dude around.


We use a sublimated tag on the inner part of the shorts. We don’t like things that add weight and feel strange on the skin.